Law of Attraction

The first time I heard of this I was,to say the least,in a dark corner of my life,I felt vulnerable things seemed to go wrong from matters money to fights & break ups; everything was going down stream into a ditch for me.This is when a close friend of mine,who had a a keen interest into my life told me on Saturday morning,while hangoverd and abit drunk at the time,that I create my own reality and If it was coming was inviting the situations into my experience.Oouch! That was the most painful truth that I ever heard.At first I was in denial,after all how could I have attracted bankruptcy,bad debt,a break up and worst of all,for me,I moved back home with my 4yr old daughter,damn!how am I responsible for this?My drunk Friends revelation became clear when I came across ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryn that brought everything to light.The most powerful Law in all of the Universe,The Law of Attraction was brought to my attention and since then my life took a different course, one of Least resistance and I have been studying and in the process transforming my life through the Art of Deliberate Creation that now you too can be in on with me.In the coming blogs we’ll look into this Law and other Natural & Spiritual Law together that as Co creators in this Leading Edge time & space we may create our reality rather than face it.Looking forward to better days, because life is joy☺️.

Stay positive!

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  1. I’m glad for your encounter with your friend that led your to this realization and turned your life around. We truly are co creators and our thoughts create our realities. Thanks for sharing


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